• Michael D’Abruzzo

    April 28, 2010 at 1:35 am

    Hi Joanna,

    The problem you are seeing is from skipping steps like you have suggested. Definitely do not skip the flexi come with the remote. If the dog seems confused you can quickly use the flexi to show him what to do. If he does well there, your best bet is to do the exercise with him dragging a very long light line (for the same reason but he will feel more like he is free due to less tension).

    You are discovering that the biggest difference between the remote collar and other training collars is that it does not show the dog what to do when he is corrected – so you must always be prepared to show him if he shows the slightest bit of confusion until he really gets it. Refer to the instructional video “phase 3 flexi come”. When he does well there , then have him drag a light line (be careful not to get your ankles tangled), then you can test off leash if he is doing well there. Remember to keep using the same predictable command sequence and PRAISE if he even looks at you and all the way to you. Still always reward when he gets to you.

    keep in touch with me on this one as this is a very advanced exercise. Guidance helps.

    Good luck,