• jokowalczyk

    April 26, 2010 at 2:52 am

    hi Mike,

    So we got the dogtra collar as you suggested and have been waiting to use it. We decided to use it to strenghten the come command. Our black lab, buddy, is walked partially off leash on out 70 acre property. He has been doing well so far without the shock collar but there are instances when he gets too busy with the distraction to react to our come command. I would say he comes 80 % of the time. There are loads of things that keep him distracted such as dead snakes, sheep sculls and other fun smelly things which he finds. When distracted he will come eventually when he is done what he is doing but we want to get the instant response from him. Is it too much to ask???

    Today we tried using the collar on our walk and it worked until he found some bones. We used it on 20 and them turned it up until we saw a response in him up to 40. He didn’t come though, he thought that the shock was caused by the bone and he just jumped to the side looking at the bone as if it was causing the shock. We really didn’t like to see him jump ( sort of like you jerk in the video.. we did try the collar on ourselves by the way ) and are wondering if we are using it in the wrong way. Is it ok to see him jerk or does it mean that he is getting too much shock and we need to take a different approach?

    We have had him almost two months and have been using your methods with amazing results. We are working on other comands in phase 2 but decided he was ready for the collar with come and leave it…