• Michael D’Abruzzo

    October 18, 2010 at 8:43 am

    Few tips and reminders (just in case):

    1. Be sure to praise the INSTANT the dog starts to come to you – this helps them a lot, especially when there is distance.

    2. If a dog’s adrenaline starts going you can expect to use a higher level to motivate the dog (or for them to even notice), BUT if the dog obviously notices the correction and is showing signs of stress and still not obeying… you would want to stop the exercise and place a light line on the dog that you can use to help the dog figure it out.

    3. Be sure to let your dog go back to the distraction majority of the time you practice (see the “dog training trinity” in the obedience section of the self-help portion).

    4. If you are out of your dog’s site be extra sure you have a way to know if he is trying to make an effort so you can praise him for trying. Sometimes you can hear the jingling of the collar. It helps the dog to be able to follow your praise. Sometimes owners accidentally correct their dog when their dog is actually on the way (because they couldn’t see them). Don’t let that happen!

    5. If you haven’t worked distractions with the flexi or light line first, go backwards and try the same situation with the flexi or light line first.

    6. If you feel the dog is confused – always go backwards and put yourself in a position to help the dog with a light line.

    I hope one or some of those tips help. The remote can be tricky because it doesn’t show direction, so keep in touch on this one.