• chrislayton

    September 14, 2012 at 1:32 pm

    Thank you Teresa for your recommendations and I will look for the triangle that you are speaking about. We did just get one of those starmark collars that was recommended on the leash training video and that was like a night and day improvement. Before she would pull like a sled dog when going for walks or she would get too close underfoot and accidentally get stepped on when trying to walk straight. Now she walks nice and straight and doesn’t get underfoot when on the collar. Also we did get her a big marrow bone from the butcher and that definitely keeps her busy and happy. One of her outlets is to go out to the chicken run and stick her nose in the chicken wire in an attempt to grab a chicken. Fortunately only the tip of her nose fits through the small holes in the fence and the chickens invariably will peck her nose to discourage her. Seems to work. Is it possible to train a GSD to not kill a roaming chicken?