• Teresa Stanczak

    September 15, 2012 at 2:55 am

    Hi Chris,

    I’m glad to hear of your success with the starmark collar.

    Here is a link to the self help page that discusses the Triangle:Online Dog Training

    As for the chickens. I would definitely find her a new outlet if you want to teach her to leave the chickens alone when out of their pen. If you want them to coexist you cannot allow the pup to learn to chase or get overly excited by the chickens. Keep her busy when they are around. Give her something to play or chew in their presence.

    I am actually working with someone currently who owns a GSD pup and 20 free roaming guinea hen. We have found success with distracting the pup by playing tug or ball, or training when the hens are out. Make sure she is on a leash. When the hens are in the pen, the pup is allowed to investigate but is called away for a game before getting to excited about them.