• suburbanpaws

    September 11, 2011 at 5:35 pm

    Well, this week I had a trainer come to the house that I’d worked with during my internship for ABC. He was one of my mentors. He suggested that I use high rewards and praise for desired behavior and give a mild leash correction and step into Dublin’s space when he barked, growled or lunged at him (or any other person). He suggested to continue to use the “watch me” command but it is difficult at times to get Dublin to consistently and reliably perform the watch me command when he’s already begun to aggress. I also don’t want to anticipate his aggression and cause it so I don’t want to react prematurely. Once he’s started aggressing, it’s harder to get the watch behavior out of him. How do I time it right and nip it in the bud without reacting prematurely? Also, Theresa, you had mentioned I don’t use any leash corrections – I had mentioned to this trainer that I was hesitant to use any positive punishment (ie: leash corrections for unwanted behavior) as a result of what I’d learned about fearful behavior and the effect it can have on it.

    This week a friend who is absolutely willing to work with him, came over. I had her toss treats to him and he obeyed her commands to sit, stay (from behind a gate) and accepted treats from her. But the minute this was over, he would begin to aggress towards her. We went for a walk with her. Dublin was completely indifferent, didn’t care that she was on the walk with us, didn’t try to aggress towards her even when she was closer to him than she is in the house. As soon as we got back to the house, the behavior started again. I wouldn’t say it is ONLY in the house that his behavior exists but it’s certainly WORSE in the house.

    So now, I’m armed with so many techniques but not sure which will help and which will be counter-productive. I’m utterly confused!

    Theresa- are you suggesting I try the exercises shown in the video in a class?

    Thanks so much for your help