• abndogos

    September 14, 2010 at 9:49 pm

    I watching them on Facebook, have the guy and the PD as friends on FB, so will try to stay UTD with Inca’s progress. Haven’t heard of a civil bite yet from a dogo. I also know they also have Cane Corso on their force, (I am drawing a blank on the name, I met him, really nice temperament and conformation). they are in Massilion Ohio PD.

    I know on the WDF, they were discussing leg bites and then it went into crotch bites and someone saying something about they dont do that cause that would be considered use of excessive force for a PSD, and that the dog’s job is to merely find and hold the perp till the PD gets there, but I have heard of some PSD training where outs werent so “important”. I’ve seen enough police video where I have seen the dogs pretty much beat/choked off the perps.