• Michael D’Abruzzo

    September 14, 2010 at 2:54 am

    @abndogos 403 wrote:

    He stated on FB that they arent so concerned with the “outs” being that he is being trained for police work(its in Czech somewhere)

    Note to self: Don’t be a perp in Czeck

    yeah, “outs” “call offs” F’em! lol

    I guess you can always slip the perp’s arm off – same way you would a jacket in training.

    Hope he rethinks that or has it in the plan – you ever hear the saying you can call off a dog, but not a bullet. Might as well just send the bullet. Maybe its different over there.

    I could imagine the court case in the US – “so mr. officer… why did you let your dogo mastiff jaguar hunter/wild boar skull crusher continue to shake around and tear off Mr. Snuffy’s arm long after he gave up?”

    A perp sure isn’t going to stay as calm as the agitator even if he submits. If the dogo becomes hard to out on a perp it will be a reason for the public to protest against their use as a K9. The dogo’s out should put the average shepherds or mals to shame if they want to avoid that. Should be easy enough to do by giving the big boy a rebite afterwards (not going to get far with jerks).

    Do you know of any dogos that have had real bites on the job? I’m very curious. Like the one in the US – don’t think he has one yet? Am I the only one that sees a major lawsuit for excessive force maybe not the first, but the second time one tears someones tricep off.

    Would love to hear an experienced police k9 handlers opinion. Maybe that kind of force is granted there…?