• Jose Moreno

    December 5, 2011 at 11:04 pm

    Whats a good approach to desensitizing dogs with a fear based aggression towards dogs in proximity, ie; face to face greetings or hyperactive dogs? Theres not much problem with dogs walking around or sniffing in passing. Only in the two situations, or similar situations, I mentioned above. Would it be a similar approach to the video; Elu and Hunkie rehab? It seems that Hunkie has more of a control thing towards other dogs but I would imagine the desensitizing would be the same.

    Operations at home are pretty well established and there is another dog at home that gets along fine. No fights.

    Its a fear based behavior that im sure of. Tail low (not tucked), hackles up, gets defensive and wont let guard down around other dogs, head stays low.

    Got some ideas in mind. Just wondering what the guys at k91 think.