• kalu_4

    May 9, 2012 at 3:29 am

    Samson just passed his AKC Good Citizen Certification!!! I had to throw that in. I’m so proud of him!!!!

    I followed all the training with the flexi and now use the e-collar. This was a hard adjustment. I used a well respected trainer to help me with the e collar. I was not thrilled with his work. He would issue a command then reprimand him with the collar. There was no warning “no” given to the dog first to allow him to correct himself. Also, back to the Boxer specific aggression. The “trainer” was supposed to be an expert in these matters. All he did was zap Samson on full continuous when he wanted to fight the boxer. It worked in stopping the impending fight but it in my opinion solved nothing. I want my dog to be able to associate and interact with all other dogs. I think all the trainer did was cause him to fear going near that Boxer at that time. Don’t get me wrong, this trainer is very good and knows a lot more than I do. However since I have been to your facility and read all your material online (well most anyway) I just can’t accept other methods. I think they are cruel and cause undue stress to the dog. Now I train on my own and simply watch his body language and his actions. He has been a lot better. Now if I see some tension I simply recall him and things are fine!!

    I still would like any suggestions you may have with this Boxer aggression. I can’t abandon the Park. He loves it and its a great way to release energy for him. He loves it and enjoys playing with pits, mastiffs, boston terriers,… all with no problem. But a Boxer….problem

    Thank for all your help!!!!