• Teresa Stanczak

    April 6, 2012 at 10:15 am

    His breed and his age are definitely factors in his behavior. Rotties along with some other breeds have a tendency toward assertive /dominant personalities. Also he is coming into the age (around 18-24 months) where they become sexually mature and will react more confident and assertive in situations.
    I would recommend that you keep him out of the dog park. To improve his behavior you will want to work in a controlled environment with him. We always use muzzles for safety to prevent any injuries.

    There is a video in the.self help section that shows how to acclimate him to a muzzle.

    Also have you read through the self help.section and worked up the.triangle.
    Pay particular attention to the knowledge sections about body language and drives. This will help you understand his.behavior better and be able to anticipate an event before it starts.
    I would not recommend teaching the remote in situations with other dogs, but as you suggested use the leash and follow steps to be certain he understands the.remote first. When you do work with another dog (both wearing muzzles) then j would focus on the recall rather than correcting for misbehavior. Try to call him before he gets involved in an altercation by judging his behavior and body language.
    Also make sure you have good pack structure in place. (Also found in the.self help section under layer 5)

    Keep us.updated!