• Michael D'Abruzzo

    May 12, 2012 at 6:55 am

    Hey Kaleb,

    I’m back. Thanks for the compliments on the method. Getting back to some advice…
    I never correct the dogs for aggression, but I do correct for disobedience. So if I’m “heeling” with a dog and that dog decides to start lunging I just “correct” the dog for breaking the heel. Or, i correct the dog for not “coming” if I see an incident about to happen. Of course I reward too for the compliance. By enforcing the obedience it will tell the dog what they should be doing instead of just adding pain to their natural reaction. You will get two different types of results as you have seen.

    The thing about boxers is that most have cropped tails and either have cropped ears or drop ears. Combine that with the fact that many have more assertive personalities it can be a recipe for a clash with Sampson. Their body language is harder to read and what can be read may give mixed signals. Cropped tailed Rotties have similar problems, just not as bad because there faces tend to be more expressive. A lot of my clients dogs have problems with English Bulldogs, boston terriers, etc… Especially if it isnt an obviously very socially submissive dog.

    I just posted this in another thread. It may help explain what is going on with the balls in the park: