• carhug

    January 18, 2013 at 4:29 pm

    Sure, Sorry for the long break. I was in Shanghai for the winter.


    Here are pictures of Kinu.

    I was able to find out that she is low to no wolf content. She is mainly Husky with a full size of about 60 lbs. I think its exactly what you said as far as people breeding for looks and ignoring other characteristics.

    After continuing to work with her, she had improved a great deal when it comes to being freaked out. She still freaks out, but she doesn’t pee (most of the time). She still is hesitant, and wont play games. But shes much more bold than before, she will roam around the house and approach people she didn’t used to. And usually hang out in the living room in there are people there.

    Although I’m still having great issues with come when shes outside. (inside she does great) Even with phase one, if she is outside, she just doesn’t want to come. She’ll come just outta arms reach and bolt if i try and treat&leash her. I left the leash out of it, and she still wont come with treats alone. I did try luring her in with a trail closer and closer, but she’ll get to the same spot and bolt.