• Michael D'Abruzzo

    July 27, 2010 at 4:29 am

    Leash walking generally has to be troubleshooted the same way as the “come”.

    First, be sure that you teach a formal “heel” with no distractions. We did put up a few new videos recently. See the “heel” videos in phase 2. Or, you can see the link on the homepage that says “updates”.

    Let me know if you saw these and practiced the “heel chart” techniques with NO distractions first.

    Have you ever practiced the “climb” command? That is where the dog learns all the patterns that they need for the “come” and “heel”.

    Also, what type of collar or harness are you using on the walks?

    This shouldn’t be too hard to troubleshoot. We’ll do it bit by bit.

    Remember where ‘distractions” falls on our troubleshooting chart. Make sure you have your foundation.

    As far as schools go – i am obviously biased to my system! But, even being on the site will help you recognize a school that is obviously bad.

    Hands on work is really the most important thing, and you are finding out definitely aren’t many quick fixes.

    I have been discussing setting up some seminars and possibly a school in the future – but nothing in VERY near future besides seminars.

    I did graduate from the Tom Rose School for dog training. It was a very good school if your focus is competitive obedience, but “foundation style” (this style) is almost nothing like it, since itr is designed more for everyday training which is actually very different.