• ddpowell

    August 5, 2010 at 1:53 pm

    In a month or so i’m going to start Phase 2 with our gsd (as long as she’s ready), she’s 4 months old now and i’ve got her responding to the basic commands by word only with a (brief) silent stay and free etc. I need work on leash manners and do climb + teaching ‘no’ and i think i’m ready..

    On leash she’s certainly getting interested by distractions like Jokowalzcyk is talking about; birds, people and other dogs are the main culprits. She gets fixated and i can’t snap her out of it, even with food. She puts her head forward, ears right up and eyeballs them as they walk past, then she starts to jump in excitement. It’s a little embarrassing when she does it to small children staring like she wants to eat them, the reality being she just wants to play and lick their faces!

    Even when i practice the leash manners drill in your video she doesn’t look at me and is happy to be pulled back when i start backing up (i’m using a crappy 5 foot leash and easy walk chest harness at the moment),

    I’ve ordered a martingale collar + 6 foot leather leash and i’ve finally found a guy in Australia who seems to promote similar training to you and has a store stocking some good pinch and dogtra remote collars when i’m ready.

    You might be interested to see his site actually..he uses different terms, talking about training in ‘drive’ a lot, but the combination of postiive plus fairly applied corrections seems to be his basic philosophy.


    So my first question is jumping – she’s found her legs and jumps ALL the time mostly when she greets someone. With us she knows we won’t say hello until she calms down and keeps her 4 legs on the ground but strangers it’s quite bad – apart from putting her into a sit (which she won’t do due to excitement), is there a command like ‘easy’ of ‘leave it’ that can apply to jumping and how do you teach her NOT to do something before she’s done it? (i hope this makes sense)

    Lastly is there something i can do to help regain focus on me when we’re out and she sees any of the above (people, dogs etc)? Or is she just being a normal puppy learning about the big wide world and i should practice leash manners with no distractions and let her do want she wants when she’s on a walk?

    Sorry for the bombardment of questions, i’ve tried to work through any issues that have come up from the stuff on your site, these couple of issues have me stumped..