• LouCerbone

    April 17, 2009 at 11:45 pm

    thanks Mike I figured as much. It was a harmless walk as I didnt expect to see the other dog. I dont walk him around the neighborhood on his prong. When I saw the other dog I walked away. Now this afternoon we went out in the front for some playtime. The neighbor came out later to walk his dog (the beagle) and Eddie didnt notice I kept on playin with him in the yard(on leash of course) Eddie noticed her gave a bark, I said Eddie no, sprayed the ground with spray and he went back to playing about in our yard. He didnt care that the dog was there, which she was on the edge of my front lawn near the road and her owner and some other neighbors were just talking. Eddie was great, didnt even care that she was there. So this afternoon was great.
    Thanks for the reply and of course I would never want to set him up for failure as I feel that him and I are making alot of progress. I try to keep him out of those situations as much as possible. Sometimes the situations just arise at the same time as Eddies walks or playtime.