• Teresa Stanczak

    December 23, 2011 at 5:38 am

    Yes DS/CC is a slow and arduous process. It takes lots of patience for sure.

    As for resistance, yes I would use the pinch collar. If you are putting slow steady pressure forward it’s not going to cause a reaction from the dog. Remember, when using resistance, you are just applying gentle pressure. Just enough for the dog to feel the pressure in that direction, and for you to feel tension or slack in the leash. Also no pulsing on the leash just steady forward pressure. If the dog breaks you should pivot at the hips toward the dog, and slide your free hand smoothly up the leash , like a leash ninja 😉

    Also, have you tried this with just one stranger or only in a group setting? Any difference in success rate? Multiple triggers tend to lower threshold.

    If you have not practiced using the pinch collar for resistance, do so before applying it to aggression rehab.