• cooper1

    September 6, 2011 at 9:35 pm

    Thank you thank you for your comments! I know it was a lot in one post! 🙂 I appreciate the thought you put into it and will continue to do my research on vets and vaccinations. They did not do a cytology to test for yeast or bacteria when they gave the antibiotic for his ears. I guess that is what bothered me at that time. It’s like my own dr recommending antibiotics when I’m sick without testing for strep or other bacterial infection. I don’t like taking meds wo a reason so I wouldn’t want to treat my pup for something that isn’t confirmed that he has either. Cooper perked up the next day so maybe he was just sore like you mentioned. They gave the second rabies in the hip area so maybe that was it.
    Thx again for your comments. I really appreciate you time! Looking fwd to seeing you at class soon! 🙂