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  • Mathew Vandart

    August 4, 2012 at 1:20 pm

    Hoorah! I can finally put some positive news about Bob!
    We took Bob out for a good walk today with his Muzzle on, aside from a bit of pawing and rubbing it on the ground it all went swimmingly!
    whenever I said ‘No’ when he was doing it he stopped.
    I’m not sure about his muzzle sizing, he has a very wide face but the muzzle that fits him width wise doesn’t let him yawn completely and he cant open his mouth wide when panting.
    I’m concerned about getting a bigger one though as he might get it off.
    He has one that is specced for a rotty? do you think this may be too big for your average EBT?

    He has a massive head which is why I am a bit edgy about him biting me 😮 and obviously I have seen what he is capable of.
    No problems no major spaz outs he had about 40 mins with the muzzle on then another good half an hour in the yard with us.
    He actually laid down and went to sleep in the sun!
    This may seem like a strange thing to say but in our presence he has never done this before, I think he is relaxing a bit and so am I!
    He seems to be alot more relaxed around my wife I think she is better for him, however she only weighs 7 stone so I can’t leave it up to her because he could easily drag her over.
    He did sit and stay really quite well during the walk, with and without lures (I make him sit at the curb when we cross a road like I do with all our dogs).
    He proper goes mental whenever we hit grass, rolling around on it and doing that funny crawl that Bull terriers seem to do with his legs outstretched behind him snapping at invisible flies and rolling around, I’m pretty sure that means he is relaxing a bit?
    He does this on the lead should I suppress this on the lead or leave it go?
    When he went back into his pen there was a wee bit of whining but no spaz outs and as I type this he is basking in the sun!
    He also eats ALL his meal when I give it him, from the start I have been petting him and saying good boy when he eats his dinner (only for 10 secs a few times then I leave)
    I had to do this with a Doberman puppy believe it or not who was not eating food.
    His owners answer to him not eating meals was to lock him in a room on his own with his food. It took me a week to get that pup to eat properly.
    He was 7 months old, big, and he had virtually no muscle on his back legs 😡
    He would sit alot rather than stand his legs were so weak.
    Good food and lots of hill walking cured that!
    I am extremely happy with Bobs’ progress. 😀

    On the negative side I have made a break stick using a hickory sledge hammer handle just in case of emergency.
    I can still let him no where near Bumpy as she is stiff legged and tail whenever she is by his gate. 🙁 she doesn’t like him I think)

    Edit: We passed a number of dogs, not close but passed them in their yards, that barked like crazy at him, he took little to no notice of them, just targeting them visually and with his ears but when I say leave it he just continues with the walk, is this cool?
    He is getting alot of attention (negative attention) with his muzzle and stuff on. He has a harness and 2 collars on, his muzzle collar and his martingale collar with a lead on his harness and one on his collar. I have found this is the only way I can control him physically until I can get his attention with my voice when he does spaz out. Poor Bob looks like someone on death row. I was told this morning whilst walking my Dobermans that there is already rumours going around about him and ME???? 😡
    I hope I can find a suitable new home for him soon as my business relies pretty much on my reputation of having very good obedient dogs.
    I get most of my business whilst walking Tilly and Becca (the Dobies)

    Funny thing is Bummpy does ALL the things I have decried above yet I don’t put a muzzle on her and fear her biting me, am I being a poof do you think?

    Ok I will stop babbling now, thanks for your help!
    I shall keep you posted!