• jm215900

    November 4, 2009 at 12:13 am

    Hi everyone. Thanks again for your responses. I’s been a long haul, but Raven is doing better. Her last x-ray, taken last Friday October 30th, showed the pneumonia clearing up. She’s still getting injections of Amakacin every day, though. Her final shot should be on this coming Thursday.

    Before, one of the technicians who works at her veterinarian’s office was coming to my apartment to give the injections, but that started to be a traumatic experience. Raven ended up cowering and drooling in her crate. The vet tech thought a “venue change” would ease some of her fear, so I’ve been taking her to the vet’s office once a day for her injections, and that seems to be a little better.

    I appreciate all your advice. I know dogs are resilient, but she’s been getting injections since Oct.13th. Ultimately, I feel better not having been the person to do that to her for nearly three weeks now.

    I’ll update after her next follow-up appointment.