• vjspata

    October 4, 2011 at 3:34 am

    Thanks for the reply Mike. I think you hit on something with the genetics. Mercy’s mom had aggression issues when the breeder was around we were told. Breeder told us that when mom was away from her she was friendly and easily handled, but when she (the breeder) was around mom was nasty with people. I only saw Mom once and it was through the Kennel and she was not happy to see me, which I partially attributed to the fact that I Was a stranger in her backyard by myself. I have been thinking about the two most recent situations taking out the one where my son fell on her back hip which I think was more of a survival type reaction, the other two had me eating alone, her laying at my feet and the kids pushing there way between her and me with food. Taking that into account in addition to what you have suggested we have put her on a more consistent feeding schedule. I have also stopped giving her food at the table which I would do near the end of each meal as a reward for staying in the down stay. I tried to find a basket muzzle earlier this year when she started with an Anal sac issue but was unable to find one in any of the local pet stores I’ll have to try and find one online. On that note also am making a vet appointment to have her checked ( anal sacs removed after two infections earlier this year, but smell still there. We have been trying different foods on vet suggestion to see if it’s dietary, but no luck so far), want to check again to see if there is something going on that may have her more on edge or more irritable than usual and to cover all the bases. Have a question for you, and maybe it’s in the videos and self help but I haven’t gotten there yet, but what is the appropriate correction for this type of aggression if it happens again despite the steps we are taking to prevent it? Thanks again for the reply.