• Teresa Stanczak

    June 8, 2012 at 12:54 pm

    Hi Steve,

    Its great that you are working with Layla. Starting her on a muzzle will be very helpful. Get her used to it so that she is wearing it for training sessions and other short periods of time in the house. I would definitely muzzle her around your son, she is a very big dog and his face is right at target level. If you acclimate her to the muzzle at other times and put it on her five or ten minutes before he arrives she won’t associate the muzzle with your son. It won’t damage her trust with you as long as you take the time to get her comfortable wearing it, and don’t use it as a punishment (ie put it on her only when she starts growling or showing aggression).

    Have you had time to read through the self help section and start troubleshooting the triangle?

    Also Are you planning on spaying her?