• maxthestuntdog

    October 23, 2011 at 9:23 am

    just thought i’d update on this dog. the owner took him on her holidays leaving her other old lurcher with a friend so she could ‘bond’ with him. i taught her your method for phase 2 (we’d done phase 1 at home pre holidays) and there is a different dynamic between them now, the dog is nearly ready for phase 3 but i’m not rushing the owner till she seems more confident with the whole pattern of command, praise and correction etc as she is still a bit slow to praise or correct but i think this is only confidence as she tries the method with my three and is far better ( she isn’t expecting to get bitten by these dogs where her dog has done so i think she still has a bit of apprehension with her dog).
    He has been far better in agility training and next week there a competition so we will see if things go better for them both. i have got her to step over, round and close to him as if they run into each other on an agility it can set him off on the aggresive behaviour. He may have been kicked in the past so he is getting good and learning legs are no bad or mean his going to get battered.
    anyway on a second point I would love to train as an instructor but all the uk train is basic pet training and you can’t use any form of training to correct the dog! its all praise and no correction style. is it possible to train for this style somewhere? more updates to follow…