• maxthestuntdog

    September 15, 2011 at 7:39 pm

    Thanks for the reply Theresa. It is good to hear i have given my friend the right advice, the dog usually show the behaviour at the weave poles or coming off conact equipment but he really starts sometimes at the start line or between jumps. getting in his way or not pushing him on can set it off. when i run him i keep a calm, low quiet tone and try and keep him moving forward but my friend isn’t as good but she is trying. he was thought to be aggresive on first rehoming but in fact he just tells rude, bad mannered dogs off and never draws blood. he appears to be dominate but i think underneath he is mr scaredy cat and lacks confidence round lots of dogs. at the shows there are loads of over-excited, out of control behaviour going on about him so it ups his anxiety. as he has become more confident at training he is no longer showing the behaviour and his owner is much more relaxed too. some of our mad, bad club members have moved away or left which has helped too. we will get on with the basics in the next few weeks and progress on when he is ready. my own mad lurcher is moving into phase three stuff and this week he is like a different dog. great training that really make the dog control itself and have to think for itself which is great.