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  • JordanhowellWSA

    March 9, 2013 at 11:42 pm

    Another problem I’ve been having is that Samson and I just moved in with my in-laws while my wife is deployed and they have a very old chow/lab mutt who is constantly growling and trying to bite at him, she guards his food bowl from him, he could be across the room and if he moves she bares her teeth, she doesn’t listen to what anyone says (everyone just thinks she’s senile) and my problem with this is that I feel it’s making Samson fearful. He submits to her which is fine but one time I heard a scuffle on the porch and ran to see what was going on and Samson was on his back submitting to her while she had him by the throat which worried me. There’s not much I feel I can do about my in laws dog but is there a way I can reinforce my dogs confidence around her as well?