• Michael D’Abruzzo

    September 7, 2009 at 7:29 am

    I would say that they are all decent foods, and if you have a dog that is doing well on them probably no reason to switch. You can drive yourself crazy trying to figure out which is the best one. Variety is good for a dog, so best case scenario is to switch up every once in a while with a different brand or type of food that you pick with your best judgement.
    If I were to nit pick between the three you listed I would go with California Natural for sure. There pup formula is probably the best because it uses the chicken fat – not sure why they do it that way, a pup formula and an adult formula when all their formulas are ‘all life stages’. must be for marketing. The only thing really that bick’s products have that the CN doesnt is the probiotics and the extra supplements that you can use along with it. If I had the CN near by I would probably rotate the lamb formula in to my dogs diet. Natural balance not bad, just more fillers in it then the CN. The eagle pack I was never a big fan of just because there were so many varietys and some were pretty good and some not as good – so tricky recommended it to clients when they need an easy choice – but I really havent checked in on their products in a while. All three definitely better than anything you are going to find at the supermarket, thats for sure.

    Glycoflex I think is great stuff for connective tissue strength- but Ideally used with a good Glucosamine supplement to cover the rest of the joint health. I have been a fan of the agility supplement by Bick’s because it combined the benifits of glycoflex and a cosequin type supplement, which is what i used to give and I ended up saving money and have seen next to miracles with the stuff. It is the one supplement that will be hard for me to ever give up even if i was feeding a good raw diet to my dogs.

    One of the main reasons that I started using the Bick’s products is because I have nothing but a petsmart any where near me. So it is very hard to conveniently get good dog food which I obviously need a lot of with the kennel. the life’s abundance gets delivered and never had a problem feeding it to a single dog. Clients generally stay on it, so also end up making a few bucks if they order it from me too since it is conveniently also a network marketing company.

    I have never used the greenies. What was that whole thing that made them get negetive attention in the news about? I never looked into it because i never really used them. I see they make them flexible now. I would like to be filled in myself if anyone knows what the deal was?