• balkis

    September 21, 2009 at 12:39 am

    Hi there,

    Just wanted to mention that I have started Kaila on the Agility (the Aniflex looked good too but harder to give b/c it was in a powder form). She was also to the vet two days because
    as I mentioned earlier, her back leg has really started to bother her. He said although she has the arthritis in her hip it’s actually her knee that is giving her more of a problem. So we decided to try “ADEQUAN”. I have to give her two shots a week for 4 weeks – then one shot a week for 4 weeks and then one shot every other week for 4 weeks and then monthy injections with a re-evaluation. This protocol was not the one dictated by the drug company but actually by a Pain Management specialist my vet knows.

    I chose this route over giving her Rimadyl. In addition to the Agility and the Adequan I have her on Duralactin, an anti inflammatory.

    Hopefully, this will help her leg feel better and maybe even reverse some of the damage.

    If anyone has used the Adequan before I be interested in knowing what the results were.