• balkis

    September 7, 2009 at 4:04 pm

    ok – I will keep to the CN and switch flavors between the brand.

    As for the greenies, I believe that there were some dogs that had gotten them stuck in their throat or digestive tract because they didn’t chew them. They changed the formula after this. I currently let my large dogs have only the Petite Flexible greenies. Just wanted to know what your opionion was.

    Thanks for the rec. of Aniflex. I want to look at that along with the Bick’s product and then decide what to do. My dog Kaila is about 12 years old and last year diagnosed with arthritis in her hips. This year her one hip is starting to cause her some real problems. All my dogs have been on general daily supps (for years) and the Glyco for the last two years but I think I need something better. Once I research the two I think I’ll switch them.