• Chris Duonola

    September 7, 2009 at 10:06 pm

    Hi. In response to the greenies question, i dont know all that much about them but I do know that in the past we have had a lot of clients using them that ended up in the animal hospital for the same reasons you mentioned…they would choke on them and they seemed to have problems digesting them. Not to metion most of the people who used them would end up with diarrhea in thier dogs. I havn’t heard about them since they changed the formula though, so I cant really speak for them now. I just give our dogs bully sticks to chew on. They are highly digestible and all natural. Plus they do a great job of keeping our dogs teeth clean.

    As for the agility Mike was talking about, we give it to our 10 year old pit bull and since using it we’ve seen a big difference!! He was running with our puppy like he was a puppy himself.