• Michael D’Abruzzo

    September 8, 2009 at 6:47 pm

    Glucosamine without the chrondroitin isnt nearly as effective since they work synergistically together. gycoflex does contain green lipped sea mussles which contains the chondoitin molecule. Not sure what ratio is ideal which is why i just made things easier by using supplements with both in it: glucosamine/chondroiten or glucosamine/green lipped sea muscles.

    I have definitely seen differences when switching certain dogs, the supplemets are not all created equal for sure.

    I was using prevention plus from http://www.joshuakennels.com. We were calling it Ghetto powder because it looked so home made the containers it came in and such. But some people swear by it and the ingredient list is good. I was using it for one dog at the kennel (Dawson) who was get the squirts when we gave him the agility tabs. his stomach was real sensitive when i first adopted him from the shelter for a couple months – than he magically became normal and i can give him almost anything now – i discovered it by accident when i gae him the wrong supplements and he was fine. Now i can give him treats and all kinds of stuff he couldnt take before. hey, maybe it was the ghetto powder that cured him?… not out of the question. he always did good on the regular life’s abundance food.