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  • Parly

    June 26, 2017 at 7:39 am

    Wonder whether the reaction of humans is a key factor more or less either way depending on a dog’s breed? Interesting.

    As a very young kid I remember being told when faced with an aggressive dog all teeth and noise – stay still – look away and do nothing. We lived in a rough area where dogs roamed loose everywhere and you just learned to read their body language and pick up on which ones were friendly or which you should leave alone but the few that came at me like they were ready to rip out my throat did leave me alone after I’d stood stock still for a few minutes not making a sound or moving a muscle.

    My own dogs are triggered by sudden movement and loud noises so kids screaming and running in a panic is almost guaranteed to get them up on their toes and ready to go after them but they will stop and lose interest if they stop because without all the running and shouting they switch off.

    Same when the police have dogs they are going to let loose – they always warn the suspect they’re about to release their dogs and say very clearly when the dogs finds them to stay still, not resist and they won’t get hurt.

    Some dogs won’t take no for an answer and go for you no matter in which case you have little option but to fight and do whatever needs must but until one physically went for me I’d always go with the stand still – look away and do nothing tactic.

    Definitely got me out of a scrap or two anyway.