• Parly

    June 26, 2017 at 6:53 am

    Also I don’t get what for some is an absolute obsession with clicker training. I have seen some incredible results from use of a clicker (friend trick-trains horses with one) but it’s not something I’ve ever worked with or found useful when I did try the one belonging to my friend.

    It just seemed to be an unwanted and unnecessary distraction like a middle man between the dog doing the right thing and me praising them for it. Do this – yay!!! I didn’t need the click in-between to indicate anything and neither did they.

    “You mustn’t be using it correctly. You have to make sure you’re clicking it at the right time or it will become confusing. When did you click? Did you click it at this point or that one? The timing of the click matters”


    They couldn’t grasp that for me it just wasn’t needed and served as a distraction than anything but rather than just go “OK then whatever works for you” it had to be something I was doing wrong and they would bang on and on and on…

    Same with their steadfast belief in using food or toys as a main motivator or reward – which I have nothing against but haven’t ever needed and don’t use.

    If I thought it would be useful with any of my dogs just to get them started and focused I’d try that out but haven’t needed to so don’t see the need to start now for no reason.

    When I mentioned having my dogs sit and wait until I gave them the nod before tucking into food they came at me with fire and pitch forks. It’s usually only a few seconds anyway but from the word go I like to work on impulse control training and always start with food.

    Will set down dishes and they sit looking at me patiently until I either nod or say “OK” and it just stops them diving straight in and teaches impulse control and general manners.

    They wanted my blood that day.

    Again I’ve met some really decent PO trainers and learned a lot from them in all fairness. There are some excellent ideas and training techniques that work well if not better than was historically considered the right way if you will but as with everything else those that let the side down really do let it down badly.