• Parly

    June 15, 2017 at 3:31 pm

    Hi Sharon – no no bizarrely enough mine doesn’t care for Frisbee at all! (the toy I mean not my daughter’s little hamster “Frisbee”) but think John said the Welsh took a shine to one.  Have friends that do Frisbee sports with their collies and my God… they height they make is incredible.

    With my eldest and most of my dogs to be honest it’s all about the magical tennis ball.   Have to limit when and where she plays with it because like all collies it would become a real obsession otherwise but it does work brilliantly for keeping her focus when needed which was great when she was still a puppy and hadn’t quite cracked the impulse control / stop commands training but I needed her focused on me urgently because of a loose sheep or cows.   Out came the magical tennis ball and that was it – never took her eyes off.

    Border collies are exceptional at dog sports you’re right.  Their intelligence is incredible though.  I swear there’s almost nothing those dogs can’t do.   Sadly misunderstood and underestimated dogs so often end up in rescue before they’re even a year old and then passed or sold from one place to another.

    An 8-month that only came to us two month ago from a huge farm as a non-worker entered a fun agility class in the local dog show last month and after just two dummy runs he shot round that course so fast the guy running it didn’t believe it was his first ever try so changed the layout and asked us to run again – and he sailed it again.   What he lacks as a sheepdog he certainly makes up for in agility, flyball and tracking.

    Aussie Shepherds are brilliant.   A handful for sure but brilliant dogs.  Know a couple that were at Crufts for Flyball this year actually.