• steve m

    June 7, 2017 at 10:47 pm

    Nose work is a great idea. I want to start Sierra in nose work also. I was also thinking playing hide and seek with him would be good. I started playing hide and seek with Sierra just inside the house at first. I would send her to her ‘place’, and then go hide in another room, or in a closet, and then call her to find me. After a bunch of times doing that inside, I brought her mat outside and hid around the yard somewhere and got her to find me. The other day she ran over to the fence to bark at somebody walking their dog and I hid out of sight and called her and I could see her look for me, and then look at the person on the street and she had to decide which would be the more fun thing to do, bark and get crazy or play hide and seek. And she decided to come back and play. That’s a good way to combine a bunch of things we do in class too – place, recall (find me), ignoring distractions, and play.