June 2, 2017 at 11:02 pm

    What particularly sticks out with his behavior is that one of the last times he got loose. He never goes far but will run into the road. He likes to keep me and my son in eyesight. That’s the main reason I got the Ecollar, to teach him the boundaries. Anyway, I had to be at work, and we already had tried to get him for a hour. I decided I would drop my son off at the sitter and come back and try again even though I would be late for work. He wouldn’t let us leave. He kept on getting in front of the car until I jumped out of the car and screamed at him like a crazy person. Then when I came back I used a neighbor to come over to talk to me because he seems to need to know whoever may be interacting with us. Then once he was close by he made a game of me trying to grab him until I was completely down on the ground and him standing over me. Then he let me get ahold of him. He used to come when told. He didn’t do it as much for a bit but he’s getting better. He’s very bullheaded about commands. He is a good dog though and is gentle with my son. He continues to get better with the mouthiness…which us mostly just with me anymore. He gets reminded every time. Being part cattle dog, I know nipping is part of his nature. The only time I’ve seen him be agressive was with barking at somebody he spotted lurking in our yard at night and then he wouldn’t go to bed.