• Kim James

    April 16, 2017 at 8:24 am

    Hey Dave,

    I’ve limited exposure with e collars, but i have heard of over stim issues related primarily to poor contact points due to fitting, flexing, range and or hair.

    There is a chance of Desensitisation due to it being fitted on the same place every time too. Although I don’t think this is the case with you.

    Where i work we are not permitted to use them atm, the laws vary from state to state but until further knowledge is gained and permission granted we can’t touch them, however there was a time when we used non stim communication (vibration mode).

    It defiantly sounds like the e collar is inconsistent.

    Theres a few guys I know that are running these (see link) and they are pretty Gucci (price wise), although the martin collars are also quite reputable too.


    Hope this info helps mate 🙂

    All the best