• Judy B.

    March 22, 2017 at 7:55 am

    A few things to consider..first you want to make sure theres no underlying heath or anxiety issue. You also want to mark down these accident times and make note of when they are occurring, the situation around the occurrence, was it after someone left, was it after feeding or playtime…things like that. Dont forget to factor in any treats thay are given and make sure others in the houshold arent giving things at random tines that you are unaware of. Yes, I agree with Mack, schedules are good. Create a feeing time that works for you and then you should be able to predict when your dog needs to go out. Always mark everything down to see if you find patterns. Its easier to figure out sometimes when you have things in front of you to look at, it makes it easier to trouble shoot. I wouldn’t reccomend withholding water to certain times. Water shouldnt be a limited resource and they should have access to it freely when they need it. What happends when its withheld, they start to gulp ecceccive amounts at once when they do get a chance to finally drink. You then dont want to worry about too much air intakr and bloat. Dogs will learn to self regulate how much they need to drink during the day. If you are on predictable schedule the dog will do fine. Feeding twice a day should suffice for your average dog allowing you to predict when the dog will need to go out and then depending on your schedule you can adjust accordingly.

    Also check your food. You want to have a high quality, high calorie food without lots of fillers. Fillers just turn into exess waste for your dog. You end up having to feed more then you would with a higher quality food causeing your dogs to need to relieve themselves more often. Things to avoid are meat by products, corn, wheat, soy…and to be careful of ingredient splitting with things like pea protien and legumes.

    Always remember if you go to tge self helo section, yoi can trouble shoot any issue by starting from tge bottom if the triangle and working your way up. There are many layers below housebreaking. Try to review them to make sure youre on the right track in all areas to set your dog up for success. Each layer builds upon one another and if a lower layer isnt in place the layers above it will not be a strong.

    Hope this helps 🙂