• Sharon Blakeney-McDonald

    February 20, 2017 at 1:13 am

    I was thinking the same as you Michael after I read your post… the GSD Tazer  I use to have was the same where after years of different trainers and methods never stop his aggression with approaching strangers when he was on leash, at home or in the car with me. (When off leash he wasn’t aggressive when we were out). Until I came across protection dog training and this site did I start to realise what the cause of his behaviour was… he too would get aggressive if anyone give him eye contact and didn’t back away from us. One dog trainer use the e-collar similar to how you would do but Mike suggested to me to give him a command first and correct him for disobeying the command and not his aggression. This was Tazer natural instinct to protect and guard me so I didn’t want to keep fighting across nature. Once I started to teach Tazer when he could defend, be aggressive and when he couldn’t was the day I started to have more control over the situation and him. Unfortunately that day came too late in his life and not long ago I put him to rest as he became cripple in his hind legs from having DM.

    Thank you for your post… its important for others to know its not always fear the dog is reacting in.