• Michael Crohn

    February 18, 2017 at 4:47 pm

    Are you sure it is fear aggression? If it is taking months with treats and hasn’t gotten better it seems like it is not a fear issue but a status/territorial issue which I approach and train completely differently. With aggressive dogs I work with it is important for me to see when a dog is scanning or alerting to people in an aggressive manner. If I notice my dog focusing in on a person in a predatory manner I correct it with the Ecollar on a low level stimulation and slowly raise it until the dog looks away. If you are walking with the dog in territorial mode rather than migration mode where the dog is not following you than you are basically telling that dog to assess which person is a threat and which person is not. Therefore, when someone makes eye contact with that dog (which is a challenge) that dog acts accordingly and asserts his status over the person to protect his territory. This is just my opinion obviously but thought I would give you my thoughts in case nothing else was working.