• Judy B.

    January 3, 2017 at 6:39 pm

    All dos male or felmale mature usually aroundbthe age of 2. This is the time when most people say they dont understand what is going on, that their dog always played well with other dogs. This because they were young dogs and pups, when tgey mature, just like when we mature, we dont necessarily like or want to play on playgrounds anymore like we did when we were kids. We also dont always like every other person we meet even if we are very social and have a great relationship with those in our inner circle. Same for dogs. Your dog may do well with certain dogs and may not do well with others and its all completely normal behavior. I wouldn’t even count on certain dogs to ever get along with other dogs especially at a dog park or other area like it…and if an owner happens to have a social dog that does, thats a bonus! Dogs that do well with other dogs when they are young isnt an automatic that you should expect them to get along with othet dogs when they get older. Spaying her isnt going to make her suddenly be ok with other dogs either. The most important thing is knowing whats normal dog behavior and not to be discouraged. This is why we do puppy classes only until 6 months. As they mature they dont always do well anymore. Like kids, its ok to wrestle around and have fun when you’re young but if hrpwn ups did it, it wouldn’t necessarily end so well. This doesn’t mean your dog can’t have play mates, but dogs have inner circles too, if there are certain dogs that your dog loves and does well with that’s great. But if you notice behaviors and see you’re dog is,less tolerant of other dogs, its just best to keep you’re dog out of trouble and away from a situation that could potentially end badly. Most important don’t be disouraged if you’re dog suddenly doesnt want to play with certain dogs, just respect the signs your dog is showing you and always have your dogs best interest at hand. This is definitely normal at this age. This is the age that everyone sees a change and wonders what happened….nothing but normal maturing of your canine 🙂