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  • adrienne schroeder

    December 20, 2016 at 11:58 am

    Hi Mike thanks for your reply.  Reesie the beagle mix watches from the back slider to the deck and she sees squirrels running along the fence.  She freaks out and becomes so frantic to get to the squirrels.  I open the door and she goes running to the fence and obviously the squirrel has climbed up a tree but she will bark at it incessantly.  Once the other two dogs see her at the back door freaking out over the squirrel they want to run out the door with her and they could care less about the squirrel but she thinks they are clearly trying to get her squirrel just be running out the door with her. I don’t know if she is trying to get the squirrel or if she is defending her territory and doesn’t want the squirrel in our yard.

    Her second issue is the barking at every little noise.  Tuesday is the worst in my house.  I work from home about 50% of the time. My husband works from home a couple days a week.  Tuesday is the first day he is gone as we are home on weekend and he works from home on Monday.  As soon as he goes to work on Tuesday it seems like she is trying to protect me.  Every noise outside sets her off into a barking frenzy.  Both garbage and recycle pick up on Tuesday.  There is always delivery trucks driving around.  Every little outside noise sets her off.  Even the little girls that live next door.  They go outside to play and she barks her head off.  I have been working on come and sit with her when she is getting ready to bark.  Sometimes it helps other times there is no stopping her. She knows all the commands and she is pretty consistent with them.

    Even as a puppy, she is 4 now, she has never really been interested in playing.  She likes going for walks and I started using a starmark collar on her and the walks are much better with her.  She is a beagle and her natural instinct is to sniff every inch of landscape.  I am pretty sure she thinks she owns me.  At night I will sit in the recliner and she insists on laying on top of me.  Im not going to lie I enjoy it.  She is the epitome of a lap dog.  Do you do any in house training?  We live in Maryland.