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  • Erika

    October 31, 2016 at 5:57 am

    Awesome thank you for the chart! I’m printing it right now.  I let the dogs out every morning at 5am, the problem puppy is basically only happy if she is up my butt. This dog is not confident. I do not know what the breeder did with her for the first three months of her life but knowing that breeder she was screamed at all the time and probably hit. I saw the breeder hit a 5 week old puppy from the girl’s litter in the nose with a flip flop before I picked up the first puppy Camille.  So the problem puppy Emelee is in need of confidence boosting also.  This morning I let her out to poop and went inside to grab my jacket. By the time I came out she had already broken the fountain and tried to eat through the back door to get back inside. She comes in and RUNS to her crate and sits at the door. It’s actually really sad.  I don’t want to make it worse by allowing her to basically be with me ALL the time – which is what she wants, I’m afraid that will cause future separation anxiety issues.  Right now the only dog I let her hang out with is Magic who is really tolerant of her but will join right in on the hole digging if it starts happening. So the two together is also a bad combo haha omg these dogs!  Printed out the chart and will watch for behavior trends.  Thanks Gentleman will keep you posted!