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  • Sharon Blakeney-McDonald

    October 14, 2016 at 8:05 am

    Hi Sunghee,

    My thoughts from what I’m reading of the dog being quite attitudy/pushy behaviour may be coming from not having any discipline/corrections. Without teaching the dog phrase2 corrections the owners are given her the option to choose whether she obeys… if she does obey its seems to be only on her terms of getting the treats/toys she wants. What happens when she doesn’t want the treats/toys to ‘sit’and rather keep jumping on the people instead?  I find with using treats/toys that it is a great way of teaching commands and for increasing the behaviours you desirer – but to change a undesirable behaviour that you don’t want such as her ‘jumping on people’ the dog needs to learn what corrections are…  its only fair that she does knows this too.

    When the dog does bites you during training is this to get a treat/toy? Is it to do with she doesn’t want to do the commands or the training anymore? Does she also bites or do this with the owners? It could be she biting to tell you off for trying to discipline her and not giving her the treats/toys when she wants them…  possibility could be a rank issue of who is in charge.  The leader is who sets the rules, as control of the resources and  gives the discipline/corrections to the lower ranting dogs for not following their leadership.

    If you go to the pyramid  under the “start self help” (above video instructions) you can troubleshoot the dogs behaviour problems there…. this may help you further with solutions.  Also did you watch the third vid in phrase2 with the starmark?… this vid may help you too as you can watch Mike teaching another client on how to teach a pup the correction phrase2.

    Please keep us posted on how you go with it all….