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  • Sharon Blakeney-McDonald

    September 30, 2016 at 2:52 am

    I do have a similar problem as you with finding people who will help in the training.  This is where Puppy pre-school as the advantage by having the people available that can assist you in the greeting training. When you move onto the next phrase 2 and after she learns what a correction is you can start correcting this  behaviour the second she goes to jump. I taught my mums pup to sit through phrase1 and am now using corrections and the command structure they teach here. This teaches her when I say “no” and she doesn’t do it then she will received an correction for breaking my commands. I use just a flat collar with my mums pup as she is only small and it gives a correction enough to motivate her to do my commands. (instruction video phrase 2 training with a starmark collar is the vid I follow to teach her.) A larger or more stronger pup would probably need the starmark collar. The head halter is a great training tool to use as well but with my mums pup being so unruly I would be apprehensive to use it with her. The dog you are training does seem to understands the “sit” command but hasn’t been taught yet that she is not allow to break the command… this is taught in phrase 2. My mums pup is a half terrier breed and she is so energy, playful, and determine that I found the key with her training is being consistence and never to let her get away with not obeying my commands. You are doing great to have taught the pup phrase1… the owners of the dog are lucky to have you helping them with their training of her.