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  • Sunghee Kim

    September 29, 2016 at 10:51 pm

    Thanks Sharon,

    I found the video on pros and cons on each training tool. It is very good to know that head halter could cause a neck injury if used incorrectly. I think I will hold off on the head halter.

    I and the owners keep working on the method you mentioned: ‘sit’=’greeting’; ‘jump’=’no greeting’. But that seems to have limitation on real life application since it is not so easy to ask everyone on the street and visitor to wait for the dog to calm down. Even if she calms down for a few seconds before she gets to say hi, a second after the person pats her she jumps.

    Is it supposed to take as long as she grows out of it with the training? Also if it’s a big dog, it could carry some risks of getting somebody injured until the dog fully understands the manner..