• Chris

    August 28, 2016 at 2:01 pm

    Thanks Mike! He has definitely been a lot better since we started taking him on play dates over at my friends house. They have a dog and several acres to run around on. We were reluctant because he’s generally very aggressive to other dogs on leash, but they ended up sorting it out pretty quick and it did wonders for his attitude. We’ve also been getting a little more structured on walks, making him wait to cross thresholds and such, and I think that has really helped.

    Probably the issue we’re most concerned about is that if we have people over and serving food, he’ll sometimes growl at someone and we have to separate him. We think it’s resource guarding. Not sure how to fix that. We’ve been very disciplined about keeping him in dog space, off the bed and couches and not feeding him people food.