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  • Michael D’Abruzzo

    August 10, 2016 at 5:03 pm

    Sharon, as the leadership role it is ok to take charge and separate the pup from Ara. This is very similar to dogs that are “tolerant” of children that are obviously annoying the dog. I agree with Kelly that it is ok if an elder dog does minimal amount to put the pup in its place but just like you don’t want to wait for a dog to put an annoying child in its place, you don’t want to necessarily take a dog that is relying on you as peace keeper to handle it her self if she is showing the behavior of restraint. I know of dogs that are on the best behavior when the owners are hovering over them with children or dogs, but have no problem using aggression when they are not. I have even seen footage of a wolf allowing older pups to annoy the hell out of him while an alpha stood nearby eyeing him to make sure he didn’t discipline, and it was obvious that the restraint was due to the watchful eye of the alpha. I truly believe the role of who should discipline changes depending on who is present and Ara is likely respecting the pup as yours, as a child of yours. Genetics plays a huge part here as to what dogs tolerate from pups and human children and for sure it has been slectively bred for to a degree. I personally have not had any problem using the crate as a tool to punish. In my experience the dog sees the removal from the activitity as punishment and not necessarily the crate as a punishment. So it doesn’t seem to matter whether you put the puppy behind a baby gate in a kichen, x pen, or a crate. If they want to be with the “pack”the separation is the punishment no matter where you put the pup for a few minutes. That is not to say that the crate can become a bad association for other reasons outside of a brief time out. Either way in this case if you see the pup has a trend of pestering Ara you may want to keep her on a tether with you and give her something to chew on or other redirection before it becomes too much. A phase 2 “leave it” which means to disengage can be taught to a pup relatively quick with a lite line and something to redirect. This is not to say anything kelly wrote is wrong this is just what I do that is more online with what I do with a pestering child. It all relates.