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  • Sharon Blakeney-McDonald

    August 10, 2016 at 11:02 am

    Thank you Kelly… very good advice. Unfortunately this pup Sooty is very persisted and Ara my elderly dog is so patient and tolerant that its me who is being driven crazy by the behaviour. I wish Ara would just tell her off with a nip but instead Ara looks at me to help her out. (Unlike my other dog who did and Sooty doesn’t annoy). I’ve been intervening with holding Sooty collar and telling her “no” then rewarding her for the good behaviour of sitting with praise/love but then she straight back at it again. I was thinking of using her crate by putting her in it for  short period of times every time she does it til she learns enough is enough.  Sooty as started to be afraid of  other strange dogs (fear period stage) and I’ve been thinking she may need to be enrol  in puppy manners/obedience classes that may also help her with socialisation.  The pup was brought for my elderly mother by my brother to be her companion – the pup though is more than what our mother is capable of handling.  I’m hoping to encourage mum to come along and join in at the classes with her puppy and to have some fun. I know the puppy is just really happy to see us when we come for visits as I do spend time playing tug games and doing marker training phrase 1 with her.

    What are your thoughts on the idea of putting her away in the crate? I’ve use a method similar with one of my dogs that would bark at strangers/dogs whenever he was taken out of the car. Every time he did it I would say “no” and put him straight back into the car for short period of time til he learn if he wanted to stay out of the car then he needed to stop  behaving in the manner he was.