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  • Kelly L

    August 10, 2016 at 8:39 am

    puppies lick elder dogs faces for many reasons- it’s an appeasement gesture, to get attention, greet them etc etc.  puppies are given a lot of leniencies with elder dogs.  If the elder dogs have had enough they will stand and usually give a sharp correction to the pup. Basically saying enough already.  That is the elder teaching the pup proper greeting and social behavior.  As the pup matures, the corrections from the other dogs may become a bit more intense.  I leave this up to my elder dogs to handle.   If the pup isn’t getting the message from the elders as she matures and she decides to go back at them after the correction, then you can have an issue.  However dog to dog is the best teacher a pup can have with proper social behavior within your pack.  So for me, I let my elders take care of that part of puppy training.