• Chris

    July 20, 2016 at 1:55 am

    Ah yes, I have read that, although I’m not sure what the “exercises” are. All in all I’m doing fairly well on the chart. We control food and rest areas walks, etc.. I initiate games of tug and fetch, and he’s generally been better about releasing the toy. I make sure to get them back one way or another, but he does get a little mouthy when he has them, so I’m not eager to put my hands in his mouth.

    Just now we had an odd incident. He lay down near the cat, which we psyched about. But then jumped up… not sure if the cat did something or who started it. Then took him into the back yard and he spent several minutes sprinting around and growling. Tried to play some fetch with him but he pretty much ended up playing with himself, losing the ball and then frantically going after it again. Seems like a lot of pent up energy, but we do walk him about three times a day. I think I may need to get a bike leash or get in better shape!

    Now he’s chilling on the floor of the bedroom.